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Water dispensers:

What is a necessity that is important, and no human can live without the answer is simple, it’s water, it is a basic necessity that cannot be overlooked and what can be a useful machine for your everyday use? A Water dispenser Singapore and that’s where we come in with our website you will be sure to find the dispenser you want.


An affordable dual-temperature direct pipe-in water dispenser suitable for households and workplaces. A 4-Stage Filtration System is included to guarantee that the water you use on a daily basis is the purest and most fresh.


Polypropylene Filters for Sediment. intended to remove particles, turbidity, and suspended solids from water. It functions as a net to collect dirt particles and shield the other filters from harm.

Carbon filter:

The activated carbon absorbs chlorine and other organic compounds, removing them from the water. They help eliminate odours and unpleasant tastes, which improves flavour and gives water a crisp yet softer feel.


To ensure that you only get the purest water to drink, micron membranes utilise a size exclusion mechanism to separate water from colloids, proteins, bacteria, pyrogens, proteins, and macromolecules bigger than the membrane pore size.

About us:

For both commercial and domestic usage in Singapore, Watermaxx Pte Ltd specializes in the sales, servicing, leasing, and repair of drinking water dispensers, boilers, water coolers, and associated goods.

Our goals:

Our goals are to give customers consistent, timely, and professional service and to ensure that using these products integrates almost naturally into their daily lives and work. We are ready to support our advice with follow-up services and to help our clients not only find the ideal product for their requirements but also to stand behind it.

For complicated installation scenarios, we may also offer tailored solutions.

Our service:

Our knowledge is at your disposal. Whether it’s installation, maintenance, or plumbing guidance. Specific installations will be scheduled in accordance with the requirements of each person.The majority of water dispensers on the market today Water dispenser repair Singapore by our professionals since they are sufficiently competent.


When required, we listen to your needs and provide tailored solutions.

Payment is only accepted when the work is finished to your satisfaction.As proof of our dedication, we provide consumers with after-sale support around-the-clock.

Customer care:

So if you were looking for a Water dispenser service Singapore then you came to the right place because we provide the best service possible while also making sure that our customers don’t have any disappointments with our service if you look on our website you can find a wide catalogue of different Water dispenser for office Singapore and not only that but also Water dispenser for at home Singapore.


Maintaining proper hydration is vital for overall health, and in a busy city like Singapore, where the tropical weather may be harsh, having a sufficient supply of clean water is critical. Water dispenser rentals are one practical option that is becoming more and more popular. We will discuss what water dispensers are, their many advantages, and why renting one in Singapore—especially from Watermaxx—is a smart move in this piece.


In Singapore, there are several advantages to renting a water dispenser. Water dispenser rental Singapore saves space in Singapore, where there may not be as much room as there is for massive, bottled water storage. Contemporary dispensers are able to blend in with a variety of settings without sacrificing their functionality because to their small size.






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